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>> Sunday, January 23, 2011

There was this man who was very poor. The man was hard working, simple, honest and god fearing. Totally devoted to Lord Shiva, he had never done anything wrong in his life. He even forgave those who wronged him.

Once Parvati (Shiva’s consort) felt pity on him and his poor condition, and implored to Shiva: “My Lord, you are very well aware of the pathetic condition of this devotee of yours. You know that he works really hard for his living, doesn’t get proper food to eat or clothes to wear. Even in this condition he never fails to worship you. Why don’t you take pity on him and help him? Such devotees should not suffer like this.”

Lord Shiva: “You are right, Devi. But it is his prarabdh (destiny) to work hard and remain poor. Every thing is linked to his previous karmas (deeds). I cannot interfere in that.”

Parvati: “You are the lord of this universe. If you want, you can help him.”

Shiva: “Yes, I can help him. But I cannot change his destiny. Even if I help him, he will remain what he is. I cannot and should not interfere with his destiny.”

Parvati: “Whatever, but I feel so sorry for him. At least, for my sake, try and help him once.”

Shiva: “Tathastu (so be it).

The poor man used to go to a particular temple every morning before he started his work and he used to take the same path each morning. Next morning when Lord Shiva saw him going to the temple as usual, he placed a bag full of gold in his path with the intention that the man would pick up the bag and when he did, Lord Shiva would tell him that he was pleased with his devotion and that the gold was is reward.

When the poor man was a little distance from the bag, he saw a blind man coming from the opposite direction with a stick in his hand for guidance. The simple and kind hearted man felt sorry for the blind man and thought “how the man should be suffering without sight.” Thinking this he closed his eyes to feel the experience of darkness and walked a few distance with his eyes closed. By the time he opened his eyes, the bag containing gold was a few steps behind him and he went to the temple without having any knowledge of the bag having been there in his path. So near, yet, so far.

Shiva told Parvati: “See, even if I try, I cannot change his destiny.”


naveen June 13, 2015 at 7:07 AM  

Shivudu sahayam cheyleni yeh paristiti undadhu. Manaspurtiga korithe tanu everu addochina rakshistadu. Manasu shiva mayam chesko. Markandeyudi katha telusuko.

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